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04/13/2018 08:50:37

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Soon Dong Cave in Vietnam, the door to another world

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During your trip to Vietnam, there will be a chance to visit the largest underground gallery on Earth. This huge cave has a unique ecosystem and impressive proportions.

The entrance to Hang Soon Dong was discovered by accident in 1990, in the heart of Phong Nha National Park, by a local resident. But this one having lost its bearings by returning to announce its discovery, it was not until 2009 to again locate this incredible place. The entire cave was studied and explored the following year.

The cave is so big that you can find a jungle, a river, clouds, and even an entire ecosystem. It is nine kilometers long and two hundred meters high. It is larger than a building of ... forty floors. Its largest room, a vast space two hundred meters high by one hundred wide, could even accommodate a whole neighborhood of New York!

In this cave, one can also find cave pearls as big as balloons but also stalagmites of 70 meters high. Access to tourists was authorized in 2013 but remains very limited.

Only one tourist operator organizes expeditions. Each of them lasts not less than five days, including two just to reach the entrance of the cave while crossing the jungle. To date, it is estimated that there are more people who have seen the summit of Everest than the end of this cave.